Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Canvas Class on August 31

I will be teaching a class the end of August and I thought I would share a picture of what I will be teaching you.

Right now, Close to My Heart has this kit on sale for $19.99.  If you are interested in taking this class, sign up for it before then end of July.  If you miss this date, you may not be able to take the class.  Supplies are limited, and especially since this is a special this month, the kits are going fast.  

Now, some of you may be busy that weekend, so if you are still interested in making this, place your order, and I will set up a separate time to show you what to do.  If you live too far away to take this class, there are directions in the kit, and I can let you know the modifications I made...or you can put it together on your own.  Don't miss out on this deal.

You can order the kit online at my website at Close to My Heart

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Making cards!

Today I spent time on my Cricut, using some of the Close to My Heart Cricut cartridges.  I spent most of the time on Artiste, making S fold cards.   I have been watching some videos on making Cricut cards, and these appealed to me.  I decided to cut cards with each different fold.  There is a square, circle, shield, and 4 other shapes that are formed on the S fold.  I will post some pictures tomorrow. 

I used double sided paper for the cards.  They really show off the shapes.  I also cut out some shapes to put on the cards, to decorate them.  They are coming along.  They are fun and easy to make.  More tomorrow.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Some of you are aware, and others are not, but I have joined Close to My Heart, as an Independent Consultant.  I am just getting started with this company, and so many of you are aware of their wonderful products, but I thought I would re-introduce, or introduce, a few things about the company.  They have so many different types of things….paper and stamps of course, but also home décor products, adhesives, glitters, buttons, card kits (which include all you need to make 15 cards),  and a several kits…called Workshops on the Go.  Just about every 3 months, I have noticed there are 5 Saturdays in the month.  I would like to start a club using these Workshops on the Go and every month that has 5 Saturdays I will show you how to put this together and make your own pages, cards, or home décor item. 
As it turns out, August has 5 Saturdays in it!  What a coincidence!!!  Then to top that off, CTMH is having a sale in July for their Canvas Art kit…50%off.  Yes, you read that right!  If you would like to learn how to make this lovely kit, I will show you the steps for you to make your very own!  You can even personalize it if you want.  In August, we will have a class on the 5th Saturday, August 31st.  Now, I know that that means you need to order the kit between now and July 31 to get the special price of $19.99.  This really is a deal people! Here is a picture of the Workshop on the Go!

 And I have included a list of ALL the items you get.  You even get a stamp set with all the other goodies!!  Below that is a link to show you a couple of different ways you can make this kit.

Workshops On The Go® Canvas Art Kit
Use the materials and instructions in this kit to create a 12" × 12" canvas display. This kit comes with Dimensional Elements in two different color schemes to create a look that is uniquely yours. This workshop project is ideal for creating as a group or on your own and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. $19.99 until the end of July.
Included in the kit: 

1 – My Acrylix® Canvas Art Workshop Stamp Set (C-size)

1 – 12" × 12" Printed Canvas Display

1 – Cashmere Baker's Twine (1 yard)

10 – Clear Sparkles (10mm)

1 – Sparkles Flourish

2 – 12" × 6" Dimensional Elements In Color—Art Shapes

1 – Instructional Brochure

Some basic tools you may already have, such as inks, stamp blocks, or tools are needed to complete this project.

Check out this video to see a couple of different ways that you could make this project

If you want to make this Art Canvas, let me know so I can order it for you.  Remember, the offer is only good until the end of July, or if they run out of them.  You don't want to miss this.  What?  You are short of cash???  You have to wait for payday, and that is after the first of the month, let me know and I will order it for you and set it aside…but you will need to pay me for it, even if you decide later not to make the kit.  Once I order it, you owe me for it.  I don't mind giving you a little time for it, but….  I believe you can also pay with a credit card…something I have not been offering at home! New catalogs will be coming out shortly, so I will make sure you get a catalog for the Fall/Winter, if you place an order with me.  Until then, you can look at an online catalog and tell me what you would like.  
Click here to shop and order your kit and other goodies!

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Big Day!

Today my consultant kit arrived from Close to My Heart!!!  I have been waiting a week for it to arrive.  The UPS man rang our doorbell at 10:00 this morning and left a box on my doorstep.   Naturally, I had to get it right away, and rip off the packaging.  Oh the goodies!  Look at what you get in your kit when you sign up....

I had to look at everything.  So many goodies.  There are some catalogs to share, but I am getting more.  Please check things out and if you happen to be looking for any stamps or other goodies, please let me know.  You log in to my store to see all we have and to place an order.  http://conniecreates.ctmh.com/

Monday, July 8, 2013

Close to My Heart Sharing Blog Starts Today!

Welcome to my blog.  Today is the first day for this blog, and it signifies my first week as a Close To My Heart Consultant.  I will be using this blog to share information about Close To My Heart, different cards or ideas using Close To My Heart Products, and specials I might be running.  I will also list any classes I am giving and a variety of other things.  You can always check my other blog, Papercrafting From Another Viewpoint.

Be sure to check back often.